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Dog belonging to Dorothy Gale in the Oz series of books by L Frank Baum
Douglas —, Germany-born director of film dramas Magnificent Obsession and Imitation of Life
2003 novel by Edmund White
City and former French colony north of Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Richmal —, author of stories featuring William Brown and Violet Elizabeth Bott
Port in NE Sicily housing a university
Phrase abbreviated as AD meaning 'In the year of our Lord'
John —, author of 1728 stage work The Beggar's Opera
Charles —, 1970 Commonwealth 400m gold medallist
Portuguese gold coin current in early 18th-century England worth about 27 shillings
Another name for four-four time in music
The —, 1984 novel by Stephen King and Peter Straub
1922 novel by Sinclair Lewis
Port and resort in the Algarve, S Portugal
Series of games in a tennis match
Gene —, World Heavyweight boxing champion from 1926-28
Italian choreographer and dancer; judge on BBC TV competition Strictly Come Dancing
Percy —, director of films Salmonberries and Rosalie Goes Shopping
Fine plaster used for coating walls
David —, author of stage plays American Buffalo and Speed-the-Plow
Neil —, musician-comedian who played Ron Nasty in 1978 TV film The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash
Ball worth four points in snooker
Loose-skinned dog of Chinese origin with a frowning expression
Stanley —, Labour MP for both Salford East and Salford West; Minister for Social Security from 1976-79
Edwin —, 1976 and 1984 Olympic 400m hurdles gold medallist