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2008 novel by Sebastian Barry
Robert —, US actor who played Kelly Robinson in 1960s US television series I Spy
Capital of Chimborazo province, Ecuador
1987 comedy starring Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman
1975 musical-drama film starring Roger Daltrey in the title role
Walled city in Lombardy, Italy, north-east of Milan
Small peg that supports a golf ball before it is struck
Large arm of the Pacific Ocean between Victoria Land and the Edward VII Peninsula in Antarctica
Literary creation of Leslie Charteris also known as The Saint
Seabird with pointed wings also called a parasitic jaeger
Australian bushranger hanged in 1880 played on screen by Mick Jagger and Heath Ledger among others
Annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca
Wife of Celeborn in works by J R R Tolkien
See 3 Across
The —, 1610 stage play by Ben Jonson featuring the character Dol Common
US singer-actor who played Ted Mitchell in 2009 romcom New in Town
In poetry, a metrical foot consisting of two long syllables
Burrowing bivalve mollusc such as the quahog
River in central Europe that flows to the North Sea at Hamburg
Dry dusty wind from the Sahara that blows towards the coast of West Africa from December to February
See 4
Aisling —, Irish actress-comedienne whose BBC TV credits include Hard Sun and The Fall
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Alexei —, comedian-actor who authored 2000 book of short stories Barcelona Plates
White sheep or goat cheese popular in Greece
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