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Nancy —, singer-actress who played Susan Jacks in 1968 musical-comedy film Speedway
International airport in Chicago, US, formerly called Orchard Field
The —, Test cricket ground in London
2004 novel by Terence Strong
Goddess of the dead in Norse mythology
Plane figure with four equal straight sides and four right angles
See 11
Industrial city in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, on the River Danube
Edmund —, English tragic actor who played Shylock at Drury Lane in 1814
Actor whose BBC TV roles have included Gregory Parton in Bonekickers and Ian Fletcher in W1A
Hammond —, author of novels Campbell's Kingdom and Maddon's Rock
Franz —, 1976 Olympic downhill skiing gold medallist
See 21
Republic in the W Pacific known as the New Hebrides until 1980
John —, Secretary of State for Defence from 1981-83
2006 adventure film starring Edward Speleers in the title role
Plant with white bell-shaped flowers
Lough —, largest lake in the British Isles
Actress who played Louise Clancy in 1993 film drama Naked
Sven-Goran —, 2001-06 England football manager
Bentley —, character who marries Estella in 1861 novel Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
2004 adventure film starring Hugh Jackman in the title role
Dmitri —, 2001 World Championships pole vault gold medallist
Tropical Asian tree with orange-yellow ovoid fruit
Bobby —, comedy partner of Tommy Cannon
1930s novel trilogy by Scottish author Lewis Grassic Gibbon