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Town in SE Scotland on the banks of the River Tweed on the edge of which stands Neidpath Castle
Paul —, Swiss artist whose works include 1928's Cat and Bird
6 and 14 1966 film starring Hayley Mills and Ian McShane
2016 US television miniseries starring Riz Ahmed and Bill Camp
Erect annual grass grown for its edible seed
Peter —, star of Channel 4 comedy series Phoenix Nights
1949 drama starring Robert Ryan and Audrey Totter
See 6
Daniel —, author of 1719 novel Robinson Crusoe
Charles —, author of 1861 novel The Cloister and the Hearth
Alcoholic drink made by fermenting a solution of honey
Elsa —, Italian fashion designer who died in 1973
2009 comedy starring Jack Black and Michael Cera
Tree of temperate regions that bears small edible triangular nuts
Scottish island of the Inner Hebrides southeast of Rum
Diane —, Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar winner for Annie Hall
Guillermo —, 2004 Mercedes Cup singles tennis tournament winner
Dennis —, 1974-78 Manchester City forward; 1976 League Cup Final winning scorer
Virginia —, 1986 Eventing World Championships individual and team gold medallist
Derek —, actor who starred as Dominic in BBC TV sitcoms Oh Brother! and Oh Father!
Highest mountain in the world
US artist noted for the Amistad Mutiny murals of 1938-1942 housed at Talladega College, Alabama
County-level city in Liaoning, China, east of Beijing
Town in Graubunden, Switzerland, host to the annual World Economic Forum
Tower of —, structure built to reach heaven, as described in Genesis