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Name by which Mbombela - capital of Mpumalanga, South Africa - is also known
Lake —, body of water in central Switzerland formed by a widening of the Aare River
1957 novel by Isaac Asimov
See 22
Victoria —, actress who played Sally Smedley in 1990s Channel 4 sitcom Drop the Dead Donkey
Lionel —, author of novels So Much for That and Checker and the Derailleurs
Ridge at the upper end of the fingerboard of a violin
The —, 1959 stage play by Arnold Wesker
Evergreen Mediterranean tree also called algarroba
The —, 2007-10 television drama series starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry VIII
1973 action film starring Charles Bronson and Martin Balsam
Official language of Pakistan also spoken in India
Writer-sleuth played by Peter Wyngarde in 1970s ITV series Department S
Leopold —, London-born conductor of music for 1940 film Fantasia
2009 comedy-thriller starring Julia Roberts and Clive Owen
In cricket, a run not scored from the bat
Johnny —, comedy writer who created the character Alf Garnett
Standard monetary unit of Iran
Species of wild mountain goat of Asia, Europe and North Africa
1987 romcom starring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell
Classical ballet position in which a dancer has one leg raised behind and both arms stretched out
See 9 Across
1976 drama starring Faye Dunaway, William Holden and Peter Finch
Gertrude —, author of 1933 book The Autobiography of Alice B Toklas
Tropical African tree whose oily seeds yield a fat used in soap manufacture
Capital of Norway