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Secret proposal of 1935 made by the British Foreign Secretary and prime minister of France to end the Second Italo-Ethiopian War
Jurgen —, Olympic, World and two-times European decathlon silver winner behind gold medallist Daley Thompson
1966 Grand National winner ridden by Tim Norman
Ball worth five points in snooker
See 1
Fifth note of a major scale in tonic sol-fa
British poet whose volumes include 1889's Days and Nights
Coarse fabric woven from jute or hemp used for sacking
Rudyard Kipling novel first published in book form in 1901
Asian bean plant whose nutritious seeds are used as food and forage
City in Uttar Pradesh, India, famous for the Taj Mahal
Latin American dance of three steps and a kick to each bar
Olive-green mineral found in igneous and metamorphic rocks
1989 novel by Iris Murdoch
Bernard —, French cyclist; 1985 Tour de France winner
Domed or vaulted recess at the east end of a church
Set of nine persons or things such as the — of Heliopolis in Egyptian mythology
Genus of plants with large spiny leaves and spikes of white or purplish flowers whose species include bear’s breeches
Ancient city in SE Greece in the NE Peloponnese
1993 novel by Michael Connelly
See 25 Across
Felix —, German painter whose works include 1944’s Triumph of Death
Brown sedimentary rock with a woody texture used as a fuel
See 14 Across
Edvard —, Norwegian painter whose works include 1907's The Sick Child
University city in Tuscany, Italy, housing a famous leaning tower