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Sea of —, that part of the Pacific Ocean east of North Korea
Maria —, US mezzo-soprano; mother of actress Rebecca Hall
River in Scotland upon which Newton Stewart, Dumfries and Galloway, stands
2008 biopic starring Greg Kinnear as Bob Kearns
US golfer; 2007 winner of The Barclays tournament
Nick —, presenter of Channel 4 game show Countdown since 2012
Maurice —, French painter whose works include 1927's The Country House
2008 volume of autobiography by J G Ballard subtitled Shanghai to Shepperton
US sitcom that featured the Tate and Campbell families
2006 novel by Lisa Jackson
See 12
Town in Galilee where Jesus is said to have performed his first miracle
1962 thriller starring Gregory Peck and Robert Mitchum
See 2 Down
The —, Greek epic poem describing the siege of Troy
Julien —, central character in 1830 Stendhal novel The Red and the Black
— River, tributary of the Missouri, US, that flows into the Lake of the Ozarks reservoir
State of NE Austria; capital St Polten
See 4 Across
Peter —, singer-actor; member of The Monkees
2002 Breeders' Cup Classic winner ridden by Jose Santos
1957 Meredith Wilson Broadway musical set in River City, Iowa
In heraldry, the colour red
2005 animated film whose title character is voiced by Helena Bonham Carter
See 1 Across
Eugene —, Romanian dramatist whose stage works include Exit the King and Rhinoceros