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1785 Derby winner named after a penniless rake in 1707 stage play The Beaux' Stratagem by George Farquhar
See 8
Larry —, US virtuoso mouth organ player who died in 2001
Unit of area equal to 4840 square yards
1983 fantasy film starring Ken Marshall and Lysette Anthony
Maxine —, actress who portrayed Joan Le Mesurier in 2008 BBC TV drama Hancock & Joan
Constable in William Shakespeare play Measure for Measure
Area of southwest France whose cities include Bordeaux
Small nocturnal mammal with a protective covering of spines along the back
Predatory gull-like bird such as the arctic —
European republic; capital Paris
Large marine bird with black-tipped wings and a long pointed tail and beak
Port in SE Ghana on the Atlantic Ocean
Best Actress in a Supporting Role Oscar nominee for Tootsie
Military village in Surrey Heath, Surrey; home of the Princess Royal Barracks
Spring-blooming plant of the lily family with single showy flowers
Tree whose wood is used for bridges as it resists underwater rot
Carl —, US minimalist sculptor whose works include 144 Magnesium Square and Equivalent VIII
1977 horror film starring Marilyn Chambers and Frank Moore
Josie —, actress who played Manda Best in BBC TV soap EastEnders from 2009-10
Name, until 1971, of Bangladesh
Term in rugby for the accidental propelling of a ball from the hands or arms in the direction of the opponents' dead-ball line
Guy —, prime minister of Belgium from 1999-2008
Setting of 1878 Thomas Hardy novel The Return of the Native
In folklore, the transformation of a person into a wolf
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