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Liz —, national poet of Scotland from 2011-16
Charles Gounod opera premiered in 1860 based on a mythological tale of an old married couple
Airline; flag carrier of Israel
1970 film drama featuring Sarah Miles in the title role
Spa town in Savoie, France, noted for its hot sulphur springs
Yellowish resin secreted by the lac insect used in the manufacture of gramophone records
1987 Stephen King novel featuring the character Paul Sheldon
Antonio —, Italian composer of operas Falstaff and Tarare
1941 Agatha Christie novel featuring Tommy and Tuppence Beresford
Small curved metal instrument used in ancient times to scrape dirt and sweat from the body
In World War I, a soldier serving with the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
Felix —, founder of a school of fine art in London in 1871
The —, 2001 film thriller starring Thora Birch and Desmond Harrington
1916 Arnold Bennett novel in The Clayhanger Family series
Genus of plants to which love-in-a-mist belongs
1998 animated film based on a Chinese legend whose title character is voiced by Ming-Na Wen
Village in Gloucestershire; home and final resting place of author Laurie Lee
— Desert, arid plateau of South Africa, Namibia and Botswana
Unit of quantity equal to 12 dozen
European republic; capital Sofia
Tree or large shrub with rounded leaves and edible brown nuts
Town in Skane, Sweden, associated with fictional detective Kurt Wallander
Name of the first dog in space