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1988 film drama starring Melanie Griffith and Tommy Lee Jones
William —, English essayist and critic; author of 1825 collection The Spirit of the Age
Tourist island of the Balearics in the Mediterranean
Loose scrum formed around a rugby player with the ball in hand
Lewis —, director of films The Jewel of the Nile and Cujo
2010 novel by Ian McEwan
Female giant panda brought to London Zoo in 1958
One of the basic patterns of the human fingerprint
Tom —, actor who played Richard Sherman in 1955 film comedy The Seven Year Itch
Jim —, 1991 French Open singles tennis championship winner
US port in NE Florida on St John's River
Long-necked string instrument of Greece
System of sending text and graphics from one computer to another
Jan —, prime minister of South Africa from 1939-48
The —, 1999 film drama starring Al Pacino and Russell Crowe
Hindu goddess of destruction
Ralf —, 1997-2007 F1 driver; 2003 French GP winner
The —, 2007 family film subtitled Legend of the Deep based on a Dick King-Smith novel
Ornamental form of the common carp
Longest river in Scotland
James —, US president assassinated in 1881
1968 film Western starring Sean Connery and Brigitte Bardot
2006 Woody Allen film comedy featuring the director as Sid Waterman
Tropical American tree whose edible fruit has pink juicy flesh
Mild yellow Dutch cheese