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SMERSH Colonel in 1957 Ian Fleming novel From Russia, with Love portrayed on screen by Lotte Lenya in 1963
1999 Derby winner ridden by Kieren Fallon
Director and writer of 2004 animated film The Incredibles
Ebenezer Cobham —, compiler of an 1870 Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
African republic; capital Libreville
Sea of —, body of water in NW Turkey linked to the Black Sea by the Bosporus
Variety of lettuce with a long slender head
Position of the controls of a gearbox that leaves the transmission disengaged
J C —, England Test cricketer who took 10-53 and 9-37 against Australia at Old Trafford in 1956
1994 novel by Rosemary Enright
Harold Pinter stage play first produced in 1971
Resort town in North Cornwall
Cardinal —, chief minister of Louis XIII of France from 1624-42
Carpet shark of the Eastern Hemisphere such as the cobbler — or Japanese —
Soft silvery-white metallic element; symbol Yb
18th-century card game whose name derives from the Spanish word for man
Biblical character who, along with wife Sapphira, was struck dead for lying
Nahuel —, rugby union prop; 2012 Argentina Test debutant against France
John —, Director-General of the BBC from 1992-2000
1971 Nicolas Roeg film drama starring Jenny Agutter
Sculpture in which the forms project from the background slightly but with no part completely detached
Gretchen —, US actress who played the title role in 2005 biopic The Notorious Bettie Page
Burnt sugar used for flavouring food
Strong fine cotton thread or fabric named after its original place of manufacture in France
Area of low marshy ground in South Africa such as the Umgeni —
US state; capital Salt Lake City