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Weedy plant with typically broad leaves and greenish or reddish flowers
Jeff —, author of novels Dexter is Dead and Dexter in the Dark
1980s and 1990s ITV comedy-drama series starring Michael Elphick and David Daker
Ilie —, winner of the 1972 US Open singles tennis championship
Ancient Athenian statesman whose code of laws prescribed death for almost every offence
Shingle headland in Kent known for its lighthouse and bird observatory
Former coal-mining town in Limburg, NE Belgium
Semiaquatic North American rodent valued for its fur
Drug of the benzodiazepine group commonly prescribed for insomnia
The —, 1995 film thriller starring Sandra Bullock and Jeremy Northam
Writer-sleuth played by Peter Wyngarde in 1970s ITV series Department S
Sultan —, WBO Heavyweight champion from 2007-08
Nine-headed monster in Greek mythology
Country in southern Africa; capital Windhoek
Early form of hockey often played on ice
2006 film comedy subtitled The Ballad of Ricky Bobby starring Will Ferrell
Michel —, French marshal executed for treason in 1815
— III, pope from 1198-1216 who instituted the Fourth Crusade
Deceased court jester in William Shakespeare play Hamlet
1977 film drama starring Teresa Wright and Christopher Walken
Tony —, US golfer; 1964 winner of The Open Championship
1986 film drama starring Wil Wheaton based on Stephen King novella The Body
1989 romcom starring Annabella Sciorra and Ron Eldard
US and Canadian Mennonite sect that traces its origin to Jakob Amman

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