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1927 novel by Hermann Hesse
Coastal town in North Yorkshire home to the Stephen Joseph Theatre
1986 family film starring Ally Sheedy and Steve Guttenberg
Eurasian plant with bright yellow flowers whose seeds yield a useful oil
See 17 Down
Miranda —, Australian actress who played Mary Ann in 2005 action film War of the Worlds
1996 Booker Prize-winning novel by Graham Swift
Francois —, rugby union flanker; 2010 South Africa Test debutant against Wales
Heavy bodied fast-swimming mackerel shark whose two species are the shortfin and longfin
Ornamental sphere surmounted by a cross; part of the Crown Jewels
R J —, England Test cricketer who took 6-49 against New Zealand at Hamilton in 2008
Kylian —, France and Monaco football striker
2004 novel by Carl Hiaasen
Comic book character whose alter ego is Bruce Wayne
Chris —, actor who played Tommy O'Dwyer in 2005 comedy-drama film Festival
Colourless flammable gaseous alkane used as a fuel
Frank —, WBC Heavyweight champion from 1995-96
Perch-like food fish of the Western Atlantic
Village near Wells, Somerset, noted for a nearby limestone cave
Ball game with two seven-player teams
Thin porridge made by boiling oatmeal in water or milk
Actor who played Kamran Shah in 1987 action film The Living Daylights
Thin item of laboratory glassware able to withstand high temperatures
See 11 Across

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