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William —, English painter whose works include The Golden Age and The Judgement of Paris
Scott —, US golfer who won the Greater Milwaukee Open in 1995 and 1997
Feline pet of DC Comics character Supergirl that first appeared in 1960
British army regiment whose motto is Who Dares Wins
The —, 1960s US television sci-fi series starring Roy Thinnes as David Vincent
Genus of plants of the saxifrage family with ornamental spikes of pink, red or white flowers
— fly, bloodsucking African insect that transmits sleeping sickness
Republic in SE Asia; capital Vientiane
Rapid keyboard composition dating from the baroque period
Strong lager of German origin
Fourth letter in the Greek alphabet
Roger —, actor who played the Sheriff of Rottingham in 1993 film comedy Robin Hood: Men in Tights
John —, field marshal who commanded the British Expeditionary Force in France and Belgium from 1914-15
Douglas —, director of film dramas Magnificent Obsession and Imitation of Life
Mervyn —, author of the Gormenghast trilogy
George —, actor who starred as Arthur Daley in long-running ITV series Minder
Wading bird such as the black-winged — or white-backed —
Cylindrical packet of coins
Eli —, US inventor of a modern mechanical cotton gin
Word used as an instruction to ignore a correction on a manuscript
1846 Herman Melville novel
Mark placed over the letter n indicating a palatal nasal consonant
Fourth son of Jacob in the Old Testament