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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow narrative poem included in 1842 collection Ballads and Other Poems
In baseball, a hit that enables the batter to run round all four bases
City and resort in SE Florida, US
2014 children’s novel by Alan Gibbons
1847 novel by Currer Bell, aka Charlotte Bronte, featuring the character Helen Burns
Diving bird of northern oceans with a black and white plumage
Long-handled agricultural tool with a curved blade
Hand tool used to cut or shape wood, stone or metal
Tall tree affected by fungal disease DED
River that flows to the North Sea at Sunderland
Jon —, Spanish golfer; 2018 CareerBuilder Challenge tournament winner
Al —, US motor racing driver; 1987 Indianapolis 500 winner
1965 sci-fi film starring Dana Andrews and Janette Scott
Overseas region of France in the Caribbean; capital Basse-Terre
Christopher —, actor who portrayed James Herriot in BBC TV series All Creatures Great and Small
See 11 Across
Boat rowed by three people in which the person in the middle uses two oars and the others one oar each
Bay of —, that part of the Gulf of Mexico west of the Yucatan Peninsula
Scarlett —, protagonist in 1936 Margaret Mitchell novel Gone with the Wind
See 1 Across
Co-writer, with Ian La Frenais, of BBC TV sitcoms Porridge and The Likely Lads
See 24 Across
2012 drama starring Jordin Sparks and Whitney Houston
Blaise —, 17th-century mathematician and philosopher who developed the theory of probability with Pierre de Fermat
Nicolas —, 2004 Olympic singles tennis gold medallist
Capital of Azerbaijan