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Word representing the letter O in the NATO phonetic alphabet
Another name for mother-of-pearl
2006 novel by Dick Francis
Omid —, London-born Iranian actor-comedian who starred as Mahmud Nasir in 2010 comedy-drama film The Infidel
Nahuel —, rugby union prop; 2012 Argentina Test debutant against France
King of Pylos referred to as the Gerenian horseman in Homer's The Iliad
Friedrich von —, composer of operas Alessandro Stradella and Martha
Standard monetary unit of Romania
Disease of cattle and sheep also called milk sickness
Peter —, Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar nominee for Murder, Inc
BBC TV arts programme that ran from 1967-2002
Common European songbird also called a titlark
1983 stage play by Sam Shepard
Page to Don Adriano de Armado in William Shakespeare play Love's Labour's Lost
2006 film drama starring Ryan Gosling and Shareeka Epps
Official report of the proceedings of the British Parliament
Carlo —, Italian author of 1945 memoir Christ Stopped at Eboli
Gore —, US author of novels Julian and Creation
Unit of length equal to 5½ yards
Franc —, director of the films The Bride and Quadrophenia
Hawaiian feast of food, drink and entertainment
The —, 1973 novel by Beryl Bainbridge
1991 novel by Stephen Fry
Megan —, author of novels Wizard of the Pigeons and Harpy's Flight
2009 film drama starring Sam Rockwell and Dominique McElligott