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Eurasian woodland butterfly with brown wings and white markings
2008 Olympic decathlon gold medallist
Tobias —, US author of 1989 memoir This Boy's Life
The —, 1981 comedy-drama film starring, written and directed by Alan Alda
Book of the Old Testament comprising 150 sacred songs, poems and prayers
Jan —, prime minister of South Africa from 1939-48
S —, South Africa cricketer; 1998 Test debutant against England at Nottingham
Berkshire town housing a public school for boys
Any of a series of Soviet satellites, such as — I, launched in 1957
Aircraft firm founded by Alliott Verdon Roe in 1910
Berhane —, 2003 World Championships women's 10,000m gold medallist
Lucien —, captain of the France rugby union team that won the Five Nations outright for the first time in 1959
Greek philosopher and scientist who held that the world is composed of air, fire, earth and water
City in Ukraine on the Vorskla River; site of a 1709 battle between Russia and Sweden
Fish of the salmon family of the UK and Europe
Scottish island of the Inner Hebrides south-east of Rum
Pale yellow cheese with holes named after its place of origin in Switzerland
1977 film drama starring John Travolta and Karen Lynn Gorney
Richard —, US actor who played Mike Talman in 1967 film thriller Wait Until Dark
Jimmy —, singer-actor who played the title role in 1990s BBC TV drama series Spender
Variety of beet with large succulent leaves and thick stalks used as a vegetable