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River that flows through Cambridge to the River Ouse
David —, golfer who won The Open Championship in 2001
Name by which the Democratic Republic of the Congo was known from 1908-60
Claude —, French composer of 1902 opera Pelleas et Melisande
2006 film drama starring Samuel L Jackson and Christina Ricci
1985 novel by John Fowles
Series of vertebrae forming the axis of the skeleton
Mammal with large branched antlers that inhabits arctic regions
Edible kelp used in Japanese cooking
Ted —, actor who played the title role in 1973 film musical Jesus Christ Superstar
Anglo-Saxon settler; brother of Hengist
2004 novel by Ben Elton
Central London railway terminus that opened in 1852
Thick salty brown paste made from soya beans used to flavour savoury dishes
A P E —, England Test cricketer who hit 101 against New Zealand at Auckland in 1971
Red wine from the Bordeaux district of France
Pale green transparent variety of olivine used as a gemstone
1996 film drama starring Vincent D’Onofrio and Hope Davis
US author of 2007 novel Heart-Shaped Box
John —, theologian who established the Presbyterian Church of Scotland in 1560
Haing S —, Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar winner for The Killing Fields
Fish also called a longfin tunny
2013 novel by Terry Pratchett

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