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1894 novel by Mark Twain set in the town of Dawson's Landing
Former county town of Meath, Republic of Ireland
Alfred —, author of poems The Lady of Shalott and Voices in the Mist
Colour between blue and violet in the visible spectrum
Elephant in stories for children by Jean de Brunhoff
Edgar Allan —, US short-story writer who died in 1849
State capital of New Hampshire, US
Johan —, 1981 Australian Open singles tennis championship winner
Genus of Asian flowering plants named after Jesuit missionary Georg Joseph Kamel
Mountainous island off the west coast of Italy
24 and 14 1977 action film starring Roger Moore as James Bond
John —, winner of the 1962 Nobel Prize in Literature
2006 film drama starring Laura Linney and Gabriel Byrne
Jon —, rugby union fullback at London Wasps from 1997-2000
Amanda —, actress who portrayed Lucy Irvine in 1986 film drama Castaway
David —, WBA Heavyweight champion from 2009-11
Sea of —, arm of the Black Sea fed chiefly by the River Don
Richard —, British composer of the Warsaw Concerto from 1941 film Dangerous Moonlight
Sam —, director of films The Wild Bunch and Straw Dogs
City in Israel housing Ben Gurion International Airport
Elvis —, singer-actor who starred in films Charro! and Spinout
Joe —, actor/presenter who played Mickey Miller in BBC TV soap EastEnders from 2003-08
Ernst —, Austrian physicist who devised a system of speed measurement
River that flows to the North Sea at Middlesbrough