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1930 film version of a musical, starring Alexander Gray and Vivienne Segal
Ancient town in Asia Minor; scene of a 333 BC battle at which Alexander the Great defeated the Persians
Shani —, actress who played Nancy in 1968 film version of musical Oliver!
Richard —, author of 1970 novella Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Symbol of a curved line in Western musical notation indicating that two or more notes are to be played without separation
Mediterranean plant with liquorice-flavoured aromatic seeds
2000 film thriller starring Rachel Weisz and Susan Lynch
Heath —, Best Actor in a Leading Role Oscar nominee for Brokeback Mountain
Wire coloured green and yellow in a British power plug
See 5
1991 Channel 4 drama series that starred Robert Lindsay and Michael Palin
Lucian —, Berlin-born British painter whose works include 1952's Portrait of John Minton
River that forms the border between Slovakia and Austria
See 24 Across
Sharon —, Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar nominee for Casino
George —, president of the US from 1989-93
1979 drama starring Nastassja Kinski in the title role
James —, actor who played the title role in 1987 film drama Maurice
2009 novel by Stuart MacBride
Walled city in Apulia, Italy, housing Greek and Roman remains
State capital of Pennsylvania, US
1937 romcom starring Clark Gable and Jean Harlow
Christian —, French couturier noted for his New Look
Lucien —, France lock; 1959 Five Nations Championship-winning captain
Cliff —, 1980 World Snooker Championship winner
1964 musical drama starring Elvis Presley and Barbara Stanwyck
Fabian —, England and Manchester City midfield footballer