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Lucien —, cyclist who won the 1966 Tour de France
Third brightest star in the constellation Leo
Adonis —, WBO Super Flyweight champion from 1999-2001
1991 comedy-drama film starring John Turturro in the title role
Former name of Bujumbura, capital of Burundi
Town in Galilee where Jesus is said to have performed his first miracle
John —, Director-General of the BBC from 1992-2000
Broadcaster who headed the United States Information Agency from 1961-64 and was awarded an honorary KBE in 1964
Children's author whose novels include Love Lessons and Candyfloss
Tony —, WBA Heavyweight champion from 1985-86
Knight of the Round Table and lover of Queen Guinevere in Arthurian legend
Republic in West Africa; capital Porto-Novo
Canton of Switzerland; capital Aarau
Biblical king of Israel and husband of Jezebel
US coin worth one hundredth of a dollar
US name for the card game patience
Former standard monetary unit of Finland replaced by the euro
Brazilian modern ballroom dance in duple time
The —, 1999 biopic starring Denzel Washington as boxer Rubin Carter
— Sea, long narrow body of water between Arabia and NE Africa
Mary —, English fashion designer credited with designing the miniskirt and hot pants
Genevieve —, Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar nominee for Anne of the Thousand Days
See 20 Across
French author of 1873 novel Around the World in Eighty Days
Large predatory feline mammal of Africa and India
Department of N France, capital Evreux