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Sendhil —, actor who played Mohinder Suresh in US television series Heroes
British royal house that reigned from 1714-1901
Group of some 500 languages of Africa including Shona and Xhosa
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Industrial city; capital of Shaanxi province, China
Standard monetary unit of Albania
The —, 1984 drama starring Richard Gere and Gregory Hines
Score of 40 with one arrow in the game of darts
See 3 Down
Department of NE France; capital Troyes
Celia —, actress who portrayed Doris Speed in 2010 BBC TV drama The Road to Coronation Street
Sidney —, Best Actor in a Leading Role Oscar winner for Lilies of the Field
US Secretary of State from 1977-80
Mary —, author of historical novels The Mask of Apollo and The King Must Die
The —, British rock band who recorded 1969 UK no 1 single Blackberry Way
Actor who played the title role in BBC TV series Judge John Deed and Inspector George Gently
Marilynne —, author of 2004 novel Gilead; winner of the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction
Irene —, comedy actress who played the title character in 1970s ITV sitcom For the Love of Ada
1949 stage play by T S Eliot
1974 musical starring Jeff East and Paul Winfield
Jean-Jacques —, 18th-century political philosopher whose works include The Social Contract
Claylike substance; chief ore of aluminium
Anatoly —, 1993-99 FIDE world chess champion
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