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The —, 1968 drama starring Burt Lancaster and Janet Landgard
— Lake, body of water in NW Canada drained by the Mackenzie River into the Arctic Ocean
2000s ITV drama series that starred Stephen Fry in the title role as a Norfolk solicitor
Period during which a computer is in operation
European kingdom; capital Madrid
Irish Gaelic name for Ireland
See 2 Down
District in the East End of London bounded on three sides by the River Thames
The —, 1961 stage play by Ann Jellicoe
See 15
Inflammation of the lining of the colon
See 7
Sidney —, author of novels Bloodline and The Naked Face
2009 novel by Simon Beckett
Rene —, Belgian artist whose works include Elective Affinities and Golconda
Short mannish hairstyle worn by women in the 1920s
Pen name of H H Munro, author of 1914 short story collection Beasts and Super-Beasts
Deborah Kara —, actress who played Dahlia Gillespie in 2006 horror film Silent Hill
Liqueur made from and flavoured with the kernels of marasca cherries
Denise —, 2000 Olympic heptathlon gold medallist
Actor who plays Jay Pritchett in US television comedy series Modern Family
Aromatic Eurasian plant whose leaves are used for flavouring in pickles
Michael —, Secretary of State for Education from 2010-14
Tim —, Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar nominee for Rob Roy