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Jon —, actor who played Don Draper in US television drama series Mad Men
Ben —, marooned pirate in 1883 R L Stevenson novel Treasure Island
1843 Richard Wagner opera featuring the character Senta
Ship designed for Fridtjof Nansen's 1893 Arctic explorations
See 3
See 17
Second nearest planet to the sun
Derek —, English artist whose works include 1962 painting The Identi-Kit Man
Michael —, director of films Bad Boys, Armageddon and Transformers
Frank —, 1951 Tony Award for Best Musical winner for Guys and Dolls
1930 novel by W Somerset Maugham
1950 film drama starring Anna Neagle in the title role
Chief seaport of Venezuela; capital of Vargas state
2009 novel by Barry Unsworth
— IV, Egyptian pharaoh also called Akhenaten who established the cult of Aten
See 23 Across
Kees —, Dutch painter whose works include 1908's Modjesko, Soprano Singer
Underworld abode of the souls of the dead in Greek mythology
River in Western Australia also known as Raparapa that flows into King Sound
Fouad —, France and Catalans Dragons rugby league wing
Patricia —, Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar winner for Hud
West Sussex home of the annual British Jumping Derby showjumping event
In music, a gradual increase in loudness
Horizontal band across a shield in heraldry
City in central Victoria, Australia, settled in 1851 after the discovery of gold
Dry white wine from Veneto, Italy