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Hexagonal-bodied musical instrument with bellows
The —, 1961 film drama starring Paul Newman and Jackie Gleason
Costantino —, Italian golfer; 1997 Canon European Masters tournament winner
2000 biopic starring Bette Midler as Jacqueline Susann
Long-haired sheepdog also called a Hungarian Water Dog
Minor infringement in tennis requiring a point to be replayed
Martin —, Hertfordshire-born folk singer whose eponymous 1965 debut album featured Scarborough Fair
1997 stage play by Patrick Marber
Roman goddess of abundance and fertility
— War, 1991 conflict between coalition forces led by the United States and Iraq
Franz —, German expressionist painter whose works include 1912 oil The Shepherds
City in Tamil Nadu, India on the bank of the River Cauvery
1778 stage play by R B Sheridan subtitled A Musical Entertainment
1937 novel by Agatha Christie
Kevin —, Best Director Oscar winner for Dances With Wolves
See 25 Across
Industrial town in Eure, France severely damaged in World War II
Thin pancake in Mexican cookery
Peter —, 1998 British Open squash championship winner
Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar winner for Adaptation
Province of South Africa; capital Bhisho
See 10 Across
Seaside resort in Dorset on the Isle of Purbeck
One of the three Fates in Greek mythology: the spinner of the thread of life
Roderick —, leader of fascist group The Black Shorts in stories by P G Wodehouse
In weaving, yarn woven across the width of a fabric