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Stage play by Howard Brenton first produced at the Royal Court, London, in 1973
Manuel —, military leader; de facto head of state of Panama from 1983-89
City and major oil centre in Oklahoma, US, on the Arkansas River
Ancient kingdom in the Old Testament east of the Dead Sea
1973 stage play by Edward Bond
Marie —, winner of the 1911 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Ronald —, US president from 1981-89
William —, Archbishop of Canterbury from 1633-45
1977 horror film starring Marilyn Chambers and Frank Moore
Ettore —, Italy-born car manufacturer who died in France in 1947
2008 novel by David Lodge
Capital of the state of Tripura, India
Georges —, French composer of operas Carmen and Djamileh
1996 Dubai World Cup winner ridden by Jerry Bailey
2008 film comedy starring Sean Maguire as Leonidas
Popular British bridge bidding system that started to evolve in the mid-1930s
Hill in Paris; highest point of the city
2002 novel by Tony Parsons
The —, 1933 novel by C S Forester
Metallic element; symbol Sn
See 4
Capital of Wales
William de Wiveleslie —, scientist after whom surveying instrument the topographic — level is named
James —, British theatre critic who authored nine-volume diary Ego
Max —, 1934-35 World Heavyweight boxing champion