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1988 Mike Leigh comedy-drama film starring Phil Davis and Ruth Sheen
1991 family film starring Dustin Hoffman in the title role
Rough skin of certain sharks and rays, used as an abrasive
Chris —, former Tottenham Hotspur, Newcastle United, Sheffield Wednesday and England footballer; Burnley manager from 1997-98
Joseph —, prime minister of Australia from 1931-39
Steven —, actor and playwright whose verse plays include East and Greek
The —, British story paper published from 1907-39
George —, US photographic equipment pioneer who popularised the use of roll film
Tropical American tree whose edible fruit has pink juicy flesh
George Frederick —, composer whose Water Music collection premiered in 1717
2009 animated film featuring the voice talent of Dakota Fanning in the title role
That part of the lower back also called the lumbus
English golfer; 1993 Canon European Masters tournament winner
1900 collection of short stories by Ernest Bramah
Name, until 1957, of Ghana
Henrik —, author of stage plays Hedda Gabler and The League of Youth
Capital of North Holland, the Netherlands
See 14
Sword similar to the foil but with a larger guard
1866 one-act comic opera by Arthur Sullivan and F C Burnand
See 1
Author of novels The Famished Road and In Arcadia
Jan-Michael —, Delray Beach International Tennis Championships singles tournament winner in 2001 and 2003
Charlie —, actor who starred as Bud Fox in 1987 film drama Wall Street
Island in the Inner Hebrides; site of an abbey founded by St Columba
1918 novel by Wyndham Lewis featuring the character Otto Kreisler