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Simon —, English golfer; 2006, 2009 and 2011 KLM Open tournament winner
2008 film musical starring Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan
Bernard —, actor who opened the Mermaid Theatre in London in 1959
2002 action film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Elias Koteas
City in Illinois, US north of Chicago on Lake Michigan
See 18 Down
Starchy cereal used for puddings obtained from an Asian palm tree
Lake —, westernmost of the Great Lakes of North America
City in England on the River Wear
Marsupial of the Americas also called the water opossum
1997 biopic starring Judi Dench in the title role as Queen Victoria
Virginia —, author of novels Mrs Dalloway and To the Lighthouse
See 10 Across
Organisation formed in 1961 to administer a common policy for the sale of petroleum
Max —, English actor-comedian whose creations included Professor Wallofski
Jan —, prime minister of South Africa from 1939-48
Natalie —, singer-actress who played Lorna Campbell in 2003 film comedy Johnny English
Pierre Choderlos de —, French author of four-volume novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses
John Philip —, US composer of marches The Stars and Stripes Forever and Semper Fidelis
Hard grey metal; symbol Mn
Yasujiro —, Japanese director of film dramas Tokyo Story and Early Spring
Comedian-actor married to Dawn French from 1984-2010
Tropical plant of the East Indies cultivated for its small oval seeds
2012 comedy-drama film starring Julianne Hough and Diego Boneta
See 15
John —, 1993 BDO World Darts Championship winner
Paul —, actor who played Calvin Weir-Fields in 2012 comedy-drama film Ruby Sparks