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1896 Savoy Opera by Gilbert and Sullivan subtitled The Statutory Duel
Michael —, actor who played the title role in ITV comedy-drama series Boon
Underground railway system, such as that in Paris
Eric —, Monty Python member who wrote the book of Broadway musical Spamalot
County in England whose administrative centre is Dorchester
Hickory tree of the southern US with edible nuts
Band of inelastic tissue that attaches a muscle to a bone
See 6 Down
Bobby —, 1939 Wimbledon singles tennis championship winner
US state; capital Montgomery
1894 novel by George Moore
1971 adventure film starring Michael York and Elke Sommer
Venomous snake such as the Banded — or Common —
— River, US watercourse forming part of the border between Idaho and Oregon
Peter —, actor who played Len Fairclough in ITV soap Coronation Street from 1961-83
Three-handed card game using 32 cards
2004 stage work by Alan Bennett; 2006 Tony Award for Best Play winner
2003 Grand National winner ridden by Barry Geraghty
2001 novel by Freya North
Robin —, journalist and broadcaster who presented BBC TV programme Question Time from 1979-89
Name given to two groups of Greek islands in the Aegean Sea; the Northern — and Southern —
Ferdinand —, German designer of the Volkswagen car
Oil port in SE Iraq; economic capital of the country
State bordering Saudi Arabia whose capital is Doha
Lillian —, Best Actress in a Supporting Role Oscar nominee for Duel in the Sun

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