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1950 film drama starring Joan Crawford in the title role
Felipe —, Chilean golfer; 2014 The Championship at Laguna National tournament winner
Jim —, US golfer; 2003 US Open Championship winner
Ancient Phoenician port in southern Lebanon known for the production of a rare sort of purple dye
Celestial body in constellation Canis Major also called the Dog Star
Niki —, 1973 French Open singles tennis championship runner-up
See 16
1917 stage play by J M Barrie
In Islam, the Muslim name for God
William Inge stage drama; 1956 Tony Award for Best Play nominee
British fighter; 2006-08 WBC Super Lightweight champion
1869 stage play by Ludovic Halevy and Henri Meilhac
1959 novel by Keith Waterhouse featuring the fictional country of Ambrosia
1980 no 1 single by The Jam
2000 film drama starring Michael Douglas and Don Cheadle
See 2
2018 film drama starring Nick Offerman and Kiersey Clemons
2018 action film starring Dwayne Johnson and Neve Campbell
Roman god of the underworld
Alastair —, actor who played the title role in 1951 film drama Scrooge
2003 film thriller starring John Cusack and Ray Liotta
Aleksandr —, author of 1833 verse novel Eugene Onegin
Gezahegne —, 2000 Olympic men's marathon gold medallist
John —, actor who played Gomez Addams in 1960s US sitcom The Addams Family
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