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2009 novel by Kate Mosse
John —, British mathematician who conceived a diagram using circles to represent sets and their relationships
— Sea, body of water between the Gulf of Genoa and Corsica
Elongated marine fish such as the common — with a sucking disc on the top of its head
— Sea, body of water between Sulawesi and New Guinea
Giovanni Battista —, Italian painter whose works include The Chariot of Aurora and The Banquet of Cleopatra
Mikhail —, 1960-61 world chess champion
Brian —, US actor who played Ted Montague in 1996 film drama Romeo + Juliet
See 18 Down
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Lake —, body of water on the Peru-Bolivia border
Richard —, actor who portrayed George Putnam in 2009 biopic Amelia
Market town in Powys, Wales, on the River Severn north of Powis Castle
1990 film drama starring Debra Winger and Nick Nolte
2018 action film starring Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly
John —, Hungary-born co-director of 1954 animated film Animal Farm
Any of various small long-tailed birds such as the pied — or yellow —
1941 Agatha Christie novel featuring Tommy and Tuppence Beresford
Airline; flag carrier of Israel
Neil —, actor who played Rocky Cassidy in ITV comedy-drama series Boon
Town in N Kent housing both a castle and cathedral
Longest river in Scotland
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New Zealand author; creator of detective Inspector Roderick Alleyn
City in Alpes-Maritimes, France, on the Mediterranean Sea
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