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2009 novel by Val McDermid
In heraldry, an inverted V-shaped charge on a shield
Council region of South Island, New Zealand, founded by Scottish settlers
1995 novel by Iain Banks
See 1
Port in central Vietnam; former capital of the kingdom of Annam
Coat with sleeves that continue to the collar instead of having armhole seams
Genus of shrubs or trees with small yellow or white flowers also called wattle or thorntree
— I, King of Albania from 1928-39
Riddle without a solution in Zen Buddhism
Miles —, actor-comedian who played Archie in BBC TV children's show Balamory
A Town Like —, 1950 novel by Nevil Shute
Hillary —, 2009-13 US Secretary of State
1959 novel by Ian Fleming
Alexander —, Scottish discoverer of penicillin
In heraldry, the colour green
1996 film thriller starring Mel Gibson and Rene Russo
Capital of Tuscany, Italy
Edward —, prime minister from 1970-74
Jason —, actor who portrayed Louis XVI in 2006 biopic Marie Antoinette
2009 film drama starring Aaron Eckhart and Jennifer Aniston
Tallulah —, actress who played Constance Porter in 1944 Alfred Hitchcock film drama Lifeboat
Tony —, actor who played Roy Evans in BBC TV soap EastEnders from 1994-2003
Andrea —, Italian painter whose works include The Three Marys and Vision of St Romuald
Percussion instrument made from a hollow gourd commonly used in Latin American music
Imperial dynasty of China from 1368 to 1644