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Cricket shot that touches the ground before crossing the boundary
See 7 Down
Aaron —, US actor who played president Benjamin Asher in 2013 action film Olympus Has Fallen
Charles —, 18th-century planter in Virginia, US, who headed an irregular court that punished British supporters during the American Revolution
Sultanate in SE Arabia; capital Muscat
Ernie —, US actor-comedian who played Sidney Redlitch in 1958 romcom Bell, Book and Candle
See 6 Down
Father of Ajax the Lesser in Greek mythology
Sixth letter in the Greek alphabet
Edible internal parts of an animal, such as the heart and liver
Thin wheat pancake folded over a filling of apple, meat or cream cheese
Stout iron-tipped wooden pole about 6ft long formerly used in England as a weapon
Largest town and administrative HQ of the Orkney Islands
Samantha —, Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar nominee for The Collector
See 12
Rory —, 2012 and 2014 winner of the PGA Championship
The —, 1976 film thriller starring Gregory Peck and Lee Remick
1986 film drama starring Paul Newman and Tom Cruise
1933 work of science fiction by H G Wells
Variety of lettuce with a long slender head
Actor who portrayed Tony Hancock in 2008 BBC TV drama Hancock & Joan
— Islands, chain of over 150 islands in the Bering Sea off mainland Alaska
Alan —, first England footballer to be sent off, against Yusgoslavia in 1968
Buddy —, actor who played the title role in US television crime series Barnaby Jones
Damien —, artist whose statue Verity stands at the entrance to Ilfracombe harbour, Devon