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Branch of philosophy concerned with the study of beauty and taste
Roman emperor from 117-138 known for the wall built in Britain as a defence against the northern tribes
Hardwood of tropical Africa sometimes used as a substitute for teak
Resort town in Wicklow, Republic of Ireland
City in Egypt at the north end of the Suez Canal
Colour of the ball worth one point in snooker
Peter —, Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party from 1998-99
European country; capital Stockholm
Tree with winged seeds whose wood is used for tool handles
County town of County Kildare, Republic of Ireland
Type of jazz singing characterised by improvised vocal sounds
Government body from 1984-2003 that supervised telecommunications activities in the UK
Paul-Henri —, winner of the 2007 Swiss Open singles tennis tournament
See 6 Down
See 16
See 11 Across
S E —, author of 1967 novel The Outsiders
1997 comedy-drama film starring Llyr and Rhys Ifans
The —, 1988 novel by Joanna Trollope
1951 story collection by Carson McCullers
Co-educational school near Elgin, Moray established in 1934
Albert —, Taoiseach of the Republic of Ireland from 1992-94
1928 Evelyn Waugh novel whose central character is Paul Pennyfeather
The —, text of Judaism comprising the Mishnah and the Gemara
David —, former controller of Radio 2 and Radio 4 who died in 2007
BBC Radio comedy programme starring Tommy Handley that ran from 1939-49