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Donnacha —, rugby union flanker/lock; 2008 Ireland Test debutant against Argentina
— National Park, area in North Island, New Zealand housing dormant volcano Mount Taranaki
Son of Tantalus in Greek mythology killed by his father and served to the gods as a meal
Carol —, Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar nominee for Hester Street
Variety of red sweet pepper used as a stuffing for green olives
US state; capital Montgomery
Aston Villa goalkeeper who replaced Jimmy Rimmer in the 1982 European Cup Final
Nick —, former advisor to Lord Sugar on BBC TV series The Apprentice; presenter of Channel 4 game show Countdown
2001 animated film starring the voice talent of Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy
City in Uusimaa, Finland housing the Gallen-Kallela Museum
Tree mentioned in Luke 17:6 in the Bible thought to be the black mulberry
Small lively breed of horse mainly used for riding
Andrei —, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR from 1957-85
Winner of the Men's World Open Squash Championship in 1987, 1989, 1990 and from 1992-96
See 24 Across
1992 film comedy starring Mike Myers and Dana Carvey
Outer part of a flower, consisting of the corolla and calyx
Walter —, US vice president from 1977-81
Digital system used in British television for the reception of stereo sound signals
Kel —, golfer who won The Open Championship in 1960
Harriet —, mystery writer creation of Dorothy L Sayers who marries Lord Peter Wimsey
2011 animated film starring the voice talent of Johnny Depp and Isla Fisher
Rachel —, Best Actress in a Supporting Role Oscar winner for The Constant Gardener
Savoury jelly based on meat or fish stock used as a mould for meat or vegetables
Type of mechanical musical instrument also called a player piano
— Castle, Belfast meeting place of the Northern Ireland Executive