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Greenpeace or the Red Cross, for short
Turned brunette, maybe
Classic work by 50- and 23-Down, so to speak?
Old AT&T symbol
One of 14 lands neighboring China
'Here's what I think,' in textspeak
Grp. that once plotted against Fidel Castro
Parrot in 'Aladdin'
Hero's mission
Vogue rival
Closing part of an address
Patella's place
It flows past Giza
What makes ale pale?
Places for pampering
Conan's TV home
Italian wines
What must go on, proverbially
Cousin of a gator
Pluralizable thing
Jamaican music genre
'And ... ___!' (director's cry)
Where a comb may be found
Cut, editorially
Practice to improve
Adjunct to a sports facility
Kind of diagram
'Sprechen ___ Deutsch?'
Wilder who played Willy Wonka
Depend (on)
Prefix meaning 'cheap'
Lead vessel?
Word of good manners
Prey for a barracuda
Longest sentence?
Actor Wallach of stage and screen
___ Fett, 'Star Wars' bounty hunter
Radiology procedures
Lowest broadcast TV channel
Designated areas
___ Inn
Lowest level of Little League
Big 'G' for Google, e.g
Mike who hosted 'Dirty Jobs'
Spy on
Bishop's deputy
Mrs., in Mexico
Take a breath
Snapchat or Pokémon Go
Cigarette purchase
Newspaper sales fig
Fixes in place
Sound of exasperation
Tax org
Citi rival
Friend of Tigger
Not have an accomplice
Tool for telling?
Tummy muscles
Classic work by 11-, 9- and 8-Down, so to speak?
Gave the wrong impression
Not up
Classic work by 16-, 31- and 51-Down, so to speak?
Numbered rd
George Washingtons
Tool for tilling
Classic work by 45-, 35- and 28-Down, so to speak?
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