Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (April 8th 2018) clues of New York Times crossword.

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Play at maximum volume
Podcast that won a 2014 Peabody Award
Prized Siberian animal
Very good, as a job
What shopaholics do
Very worst
Purple candy's flavor, often
Winner of the most medals at the 2018 Winter Olympics: Abbr
What a Möbius strip lacks
Winter driving hazard
What caused the nosebleed on the playground?
Quite a few
___ terrier
R&B's ___ Brothers
Resonator guitar
Rules for forming sentences
Sandwich with Russian dressing
Sealer for sailors?
Second, or worse
Seek moolah from
Setting for a period piece
Shell game object
Sideways scuttler
Small scraps
Snacks in stacks
Something to live by
Spanakopita ingredient
Sponsor of U.S. Olympic swimmers
Square footage
Stares slack-jawed
Stayed sober
Succumb to sleepiness
Swahili for 'lion'
Tagline in an ad for Elmer's Glue-Ale?
There's enormous interest in it
They're easy to take
Things a spy may have many of
Tip jar fillers
Trick-taking game
Tufted songbirds
Bygone channel that aired 'Veronica Mars'
Hedgehog predator
Caddie's selection
High-flown, as writing
Cal ___
Holiday song closer
Ingredient in a Roy Rogers
Instrument whose name means 'three strings'
Charlton Heston title role
Irrefutable point
Chill in the cooler
It hangs around the neck
Classic seller of compilation albums
It's a bunch of garbage
Jimmy's 'Late Night' successor
Complete policy overhaul, in D.C.-speak
John Kennedy ___, author of 'A Confederacy of Dunces'
Containers for electric guitars?
'High Hopes' lyricist Sammy
Cooper's wood
Kick out
Lab coat?
Dance akin to the jitterbug
Lash with a bullwhip
Dark meat options
Lays down the lawn?
'Frida' star Hayek
Leave behind
'Life Itself' memoirist Roger
'How revolting!'
Deliberative bodies
Like the questions in 20 Questions
Long-armed climber, for short
Description of a yeti?
'Law & Order' actor Jerry
Detectives run them down
Maker of PowerShot cameras
'Napoleon Dynamite' star Jon
Discovers by chance
Market offerings
'The Martian' star
Discreet attention-getter
Mend fences after Caesar's civil war?
1987 action film originally given an X rating for violence
Mock sound of disinterest
According to
More rare, perhaps
Actor's last line, maybe
Drum kit component
Aids in golf course maintenance
Easter ___
Multiplex count
Alphabet ender
Novice parasailer's fear?
Anesthetic of old
Finish filming
Nut in pralines
Apathetic response to 'What's new?'
FISA warrant objective
One of the Three Stooges
Ball hit for fielding practice
One-room apartment, to Brits
Bathroom floor, often
Ones who grasp elbows in greeting, by tradition
Bernadette of Broadway
Forcefully remove
Opposite of o'er
Best place to buy a platter of fruit-flavored sodas?
From scratch
Own (up)
Big ox
Game with 108 cards
Bishop's headgear
Genetic macromolecule
Gets up
Burro's call
Pentathlon items