Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (August 17th 2012) clues of New York Times crossword.

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___ Kramer, 2010 Dutch speed-skating gold medalist
'A stronger America' sloganeer
'Big Brother,' for example
'Can you believe that guy?!'
'Dude, I got something to tell you ...'
'Lookie what I did!'
'Now that you mention it ...'
'The Bourne Identity' plot device
'The Pearl Fishers' soprano
'The Planets' composer
'___ out!'
Altiplano locale
Animal in a comic strip title
Big stinger
British ___
Buddhist shrine
Cartoonist Kelly
Cho ___, romantic interest for Harry Potter
Commercial miscellany
Complete, as a crossword
Compromise of 1877 figure
Estadio call
Examine carefully
Fighting directly
Gives in under pressure
Grateful Dead album whose title reads the same forward and backward
Having a bad trip, maybe
Hershey brand
Intermediate level in karate
It controls the amount of light admitted
It controls the amount of light admitted
It ends at 12
It includes provision for the admission of new states
Judicial administration?
Like A through D
Main part, often
Makes sense of
Modern mail?
Moirai, in Greek myth
Navigator Islands, now
Nickname in classic jazz
One criterion for sorting
Pitcher's stat
QB who threw a record-tying seven touchdown passes in a single game
Running too quickly?
Short-range missiles
Somalia's locale in Africa
Soul producer
Southern writer William Gilmore ___
Split (up)
Split, in a way
Sugar ___
Tall and thin
The Bay of Fundy has the largest one in the world
Verizon, e.g
View from the Sydney Harbour Bridge
Vote (for)
W-2 figure
What a drawer may hold