Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (August 26th 2012) clues of New York Times crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 140 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

A couple of
Acute uneasiness, with 'the'
Adobe shade
Alley ___
Announcer Hall
Any of the French Antilles
Away's partner
Russian royal
Main $$$ overseer
Source of the line 'They say miracles are past'
Speedy subatomic particle
Mauna ___
Spike, once
Starbucks size
Start of a memo heading
Starts liking
Storage item ... or one of six in this puzzle?
Charlotte and others
Storied C.S.A. commander
Swiss watch brand
Take an ax to
Talking doll that debuted in 1960
The 'M' of MB
Class action?
This above all?
Time's 1930 Man of the Year
Toddler's wear
Common exclamation after 'Well'
Seaman's swig
Uppity sort
Nirvana achievers
Verbal groans
Voice quality
Bad service result?
Warned someone off, in a way
Cooked (up)
Western climax
What the nose knows
Where to park a parka?
With repercussions
Word that keeps the same meaning if you move its first letter to the end
World's first certified gold record, 1942
Norah Jones or Cher
___ Romeo
___ Tzu (dog)
Be on high?
Banned book of 1928
Series of bars, for short
Bad way to run
Some G.I.'s
Razor handle?
Ecologists' study
End of the line?
English author Elinor
Mike holders
F.D.R. program
Mock response to a friend who pulls a practical joke
Former General Motors vehicles
Mountain lake
Former Mercury
Fort Sill's home: Abbr
Gender abbr
Group that's got your no.?
Nose out
Hawaiian priest
Not worthy of
Hugs, in a love letter
One of the Canterbury pilgrims
Hut cover
Onetime Ethiopia colonizers
It may be said with the wave of a hand
Org. for vehicle financing, once
It's madness
Oscar-winning role for Cotillard
It's relatively easy to find a parking spot for
Others: Sp
It's salty
Paradoxical one
Japanese model
Paul Anka's '___ Beso'
Johannesburg area
Place to find a crawdad
Judge's issuance
Kanga's offspring
Kid's repeated rejoinder
Put up with
Kind of heart valve
Radio host John
La estrella mas brillante
Land in South America
Reactor safety org
Lazybones, maybe
Like one saying 'Who, little old me?'
Shout to a diva
Like some communities
Like the Beatles
Look through some blinds, say
Loving feeling?
Some online reading
Sorority letters
Mag. wheels
Slap-happy sort?
Source material for Broadway's 'Seussical'
'Anne of Green Gables' town
Smokey the Bear spot, e.g., in brief
1955 Grant/Kelly thriller
1962 John Wayne film
'Sing a Song of Watergate' comic
Sounded like an ass
'Don't have ___, man!'
Big employer in Moline, Ill
Blown away
'Cat on ___ Tin Roof'
Bolt from Jamaica
'I really should be going'
D-Day transport: Abbr
'Solid Gold' host Marilyn
'South Park' boy
'The Kite Runner' protagonist
'___ Baby' (song from 'Hair')
'___ dreaming?'
'___ You' (1955 Platters hit)