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'Les Mots' autobiographer, 1964
'Route 66' car
'The Alchemist' novelist Coelho
'Well, golly'
Alchemist's goal
Ascribe to
Betrays one's blue state
Big mouth
Carried the day
Cocktail party bite
Columbia ___, Minn
Creature on the New York coat of arms
Cut back
Cuts up
Daly City's county
Drops for dirty clothes
Early Appalachian crossers
Effect used to measure astronomical distances
Four front?
Goal facilitators
Goes after
Google Maps offering
Govt. instrument
It does a body good
Japanese island
Kansas-Nebraska Act signer
Last article in the Constitution
Leave a black mark on, say
Like Celsius
Like friendly acquaintances
Like some univ. courses
Loser at Salamis and Plataea
One may clash with another
Option for a seal
Orange half of a TV duo
Pariahs and others
Pieces for grilling
Place for grilling
Point on a line: Abbr
Prepare for gardening, maybe
Questionnaire info
Questionnaire info
Rat race remedy, briefly
Rocker Liz
Rough to drive on, perhaps
Simpson who was Time's first Woman of the Year
Smokeys, so to speak
Staples, e.g
Start of some salutes
Striking things about rec rooms
Sweet, in music
Taiwan Strait city
Teriyaki ingredient
They're grounded when they're misbehaving
Training unit
Treas. and the like
Triptych trio
Volcano south of Quito
What brains do well on
Where to make tracks
___ Longa, ancient city founded by the son of Aeneas

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