Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (December 16th 2012) clues of New York Times crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 132 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

'Along ___ spider ...'
'Antigonae' composer Carl
'Well done, Sir Lancelot,' in Franglais?
'___ it!'
'___ Only One' (Melissa Etheridge hit)
74-Down recipient, e.g
Actor Edward James ___
Affair of the heart
Agreement from the Gipper's coach?
Alaska's ___ Peninsula
Alpine wind
André and Mia's adoptive daughter
Balcony cry
Be at one (with)
Big truck maker
Bones next to humeri
Book about the writing style of the Mongols?
Bull session?
Bygone bookstore chain
Castle component
Charlemagne's realm: Abbr
Cleared the dishes
Crowning touch?
Dangerous outpouring
Decorative pin
Deliberately delude
Dog command
Drama set at the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce ad agency
Feminist Germaine
Fergie, for one
First U.S. screen portrayer of Dr. Fu Manchu
Food that jiggles
Former attorney general Gonzales
Former San Francisco mayor
Freckles, e.g
Freddy Krueger's street
Funny Fields
Gone, but not forgotten
Guitarist Duane and others
Handel bars?
Have ___ (bathe)
Home to the 90-Down, once
Horatian piece
Horizontal: Abbr
Inspector in Elizabeth George mysteries
Iraq war hazard, briefly
It may be rigged
Just begun
K.C.-to-Chicago direction
Kind of salad
Knock over
Leopard spot
Lightning ___
Like the ring in an eclipse
Link up with
Literally, 'itself'
Locale of a 12/7/1941 attack
London can
Luth. or Presb
Makes, as one's way
Measure of purity
Memo opener
Miss America identifier
Nasty look
Nautical direction
Neither Dem. nor Rep
Obeyed a sentry, say
One of five Nicholases
Ones with a lot of pull?
Out at the dentist's?
Pasta suffix
Photoshop command
Pleasure boats
Plucky housekeeper?
Polar explorer, after getting religion?
Popular smartphone app
Postscript: Abbr
Priests, at times
Psychology pioneer Alfred
Python in 'The Jungle Book'
Qatari bigwig: Var
Raining hard?
Sacha Baron Cohen persona
Salad bar supply
See 106-Across
Shorten a bar mitzvah by 50%?
Small, low island
Some salmon
Some scriptural passages
Soothsayer's shoelace problem?
Soundboard controls
Souvenir from the Petrified Forest?
Stage assistant
Start of a basketball game
Stately home
Steve ___, 1980 Olympic track champion
Stinging rebuke
Tagline for the biopic 'Dudley' starring bandleader Brown?
Ten Commandments no-no
Ticked by
Tolkien trilogy, to fans
Totally jazzed
Trick-taking card game
Two-fifths of 'N Sync?
U.K. mil. decoration
Walk-___ (non-recruited athletes)
Was humbled
What mayo is part of
What one may break during exercise
What randy bucks do?
Where Macy's keeps the wedding dresses?
Who wrote 'A bear, however hard he tries, / Grows tubby without exercise'
Willing recipients?
Wimple wearer
Wings: Lat
Words before coming or made
Words from Sgt. Friday
___ Jima
___ to go