Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (December 17th 1999) clues of New York Times crossword.

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Onetime outlawed org.
Opposite of celebrate
Part of a rebel name
Rousseau title character
She played Anita in 'West Side Story'
Show with skits, for short
Six-foot worker, maybe
Some dietary intake
Source of calling
Spy's disguise
Take cargo from
Take it easy
Title girl in a song on the first Beatles album
Unwelcome boarder
View finders
Washington post
___ pretty sight
'Be prepared'
'Buenos ___'
'Fred Basset' cartoonist Graham
21-Across biter
1967 war site
An apple
Arrives, as darkness
Be in contact (with)
Biologist Metchnikoff
Bit of raingear
Bitten one, for short
Bounder Down Under
Building support
Champ's cry
Chest muscle, for short
Chuck wagon honcho
Court figure in Washington
Decent fellows
Decorator's concern
Director Howard Hawks's last film, 1970
Entertaining grp.
Evening for Yvette
Fails to
Federal agents
Four-star review
Gathered copiously
Get from ___ (progress)
Greek deli purchase
Half of a well-known comedy duo
Has got to have
Hydroxyl compound
Is overjoyed
Julia on screen
Kind of silence
Krazy ___
Like flotsam and jetsam
Like half a season's games
Like junior year
Like old socks, maybe
Like the Arctic
Man of the hour
Met fans
Methuselah's father
Miserere, for one
Mudder's day event