Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (December 1st 2018) clues of New York Times crossword.

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'E lucevan le stelle' source
Like many matches
Sentiment on 14 de febrero
'Oom' producer
Los ___, West Coast home of Netflix
Doesn't do anything rash
Some E.R. cases
'___ Sylphides' (ballet)
Lowest pack member
Elliptical settings
Frappe Chiller offerer
Sorceress exiled on Aeaea
Activity involving a leader and a follower
Make blue, say
England's Isle of ___
Fratty Silicon Valley techie, stereotypically
Started back
Mean in school, for short
Fabergé egg collector
Game with royal marriages
Subject of the 2009 biography 'Stormy Weather'
Muscle shirt wearer's pride
Fitting place to order craft beer?
Annual spring chore, for many
Genesis name
Super ___
Name on a planter
Auto specification
Get ready to play, with 'up'
Tab holder, e.g
Not lie, say
Bed in many a Thai dish
Get tangled up
They're used at the border
One may make Us money
Brand name that spells something not nice backward
Gift that's not always welcome
Vehicle with wing-shaped tail fins
Option for 38-Across
Girl saved by Don Juan
Very, informally
Org. with the 'Give Kids a Smile' initiative
Go out of one's way
Was blue
Building block
Parts of some neuro exams
Golfer's approach, often
Was in a sorry state?
Carnival transport
People with great head shots?
Head shot
Words after a verbal slip
High as a kite
Yankees manager after Showalter
Quit stalling
Ibizan inn
___ Fett, 'Star Wars' bounty hunter
Reason to ask 'What do you see?'
Its East African equivalent is 'bwana'
Crew at a big accident
Rob ___
Lead-in to unfortunate news
Cut out
'Drive happy' sloganeer
Roman who wrote 'Whatever advice you give, be brief'
Derby head