Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (December 26th 1999) clues of New York Times crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 140 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Royale automaker
RR stops
Runs down
Seventh-century date
She played Cher in 'Clueless'
Show that's launched many film careers: Abbr.
Shriners' headwear: Var.
Singer Janis
Some sports cars
Sound units
Supporter of arms, for short
Takes a powder
Tennis's Nastase
Texts for eds.
The Divine, to da Vinci
Title for Jesus, with 'the'
Title words before 'Music' and 'You Knocking'
Took some chips, maybe
Transmission site
Typographical flourish
U.K. award
Water-to-wine site
Word with ear or peace
Writing surface, in old Rome
'Ah like to ___ with diffr'nt huntin' spots'
'Ken I have ___ 'stead of the sausage?'
'I'm gonna use mah new ___ to cut the grass'
'Don't let the man stand outside, ___!'
'It doesn't matter'
'Let's hep preserve our natur'l ___'
'Ma momma's from Virginny, and ma daddy's from ___'
'On the Road' writer
'Piece of cake'
'The Power and the Glory' novelist
'The waitress will be heah soon. I ___'
'The wolf'/'the door' connector
'Waiting for Lefty' playwright
'Well done!'
'___ drink Pepsi, but ah'll have a Coke few don't mind'
'___ is gettin' a bit tight on mah finger'
'___ pa? He feelin' better?'
'___ tard of this bad weather'
'___ up, why dontcha grab me a beer?'
1994 Peace Nobelist
Actress Lollobrigida
Airline to Ben Gurion
Ancient Asia Minor region
Archeological bit
Army member
Bad blood
Basic French verb
Become flabby
Bill's partner
Bridge signals
Brogue or twang
Capital of Romania
Caviar fish
Check word
Chemical endings
City near Virginia City
It can give you a pointer
It might bite
It's above the tonsil
Jeans man
Late golf champion Payne
Left alone
Life preserver?
Like a break-in at a burglar's house
Like some citizenships
Like some reading lamps
Literally, 'skill'
Many bucks
Many Forbes readers have them
Mateo or Diego, e.g.
Member of a ladies' club
Most overcome
Newsgroup messages
Oahu attire
Old-fashioned police cry
One of the 'Little Women'
One of the Kramdens
Onetime World Cup star
Perfume source
Persistent critic
Pig patter
Proof part
Ratón chaser
Relative of the banana
Response to many a punch line
Rose and Fountain
Classic suit
Come clean, with 'up'
Contest player
Cubemaker Rubik
Darrow of 'King Kong'
Directional suffix
Distance around
Drink, so to speak
Elementary particle
Encyclopedia offering
End of a race
Extremely successful
Fill the bill?
Fussy film director
Get specific
Give the slip
Gives up the fight
Glasses may improve it
Goddess with the gift of life
Good comedian
Gorge crosser
Gulf port
Hubble telescope subjects
I-80 and U.S. 10, e.g.
Indian coin
Ionized gas
Is under the weather