Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (December 28th 2012) clues of New York Times crossword.

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'... ___ can't get up!'
'A failure of imagination,' per Graham Greene
'Pale Blue Dot' author
10/15, e.g
Ancient meeting place
Apt rhyme for 26-Down
Brandy alternative
Certain volleyball player
Chills briefly
Clinton, Bush or Cheney
Critter with humanlike fingerprints
Cry that's often sung
Cur curer
Dog show org
Dropped off
Educ. higher-ups?
Factor in a beauty contest
Family moniker
Flipping out
Form 1040 info
Grp. interested in long drives
Hard-to-block jumper, in hoops
Holed up
Impenetrable script
It can go from liquid to frozen
It gets a chick's attention
It's a gas
It's handled on the range
Letters for a princess
Like bars that are often near horses
Like many perps in lineups
Like panels on some racecars
Listerine bottle abbr
Long time
Many an ascot wearer
Most Atari-playing kids
Natalie Portman's birthplace
Night to watch 'The Office': Abbr
Old car with ignition trouble?
One coming from Mars?
Opening pitch
Opinion add-on
Part of 10/15: Abbr
Pro beginner?
Quaker makers?
Quaker pronoun
Really long
Sabre ou pistolet
See 32-Across
Smallish room
Snide reply to being given a chore
Spitfire landing locale
Square for a roll
Steps on a scale
Taqueria treat
Theme of 'The Tell-Tale Heart'
Try to impress by association
Twain boy
Where R.F.K. and his brother Teddy went to law school
With 46-Down, a bit below so-so
Wowed basketball announcer's cry