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'60s radical grp
'g2g' follower
'How to' explanations
'The End of Eternity' author
10,000, for 4, in base 10, e.g
10th- to 12th-century Chinese dynasty
1944 Sartre play
Aerosol target
As yet
At the home of
Bikini explosions
Blowup: Abbr
Certain cat
City in the San Gabriel Valley
Coastal flier
Communist Friedrich
Composition of Polynésie
Cry from a crib
Curtain fabric
Debate (with)
Eagerly expectant
End of the brainteaser
Greater than
Half a strawful, say
Harem rooms
Hello and farewell
Home state of the 1964 and 2008 Rep. presidential candidates
John XI's successor
Lays the groundwork for?
Like a house that's of interest to ghost hunters
Muckraker Tarbell
Old bus maker
One of the Chaplins
One who may say 'I say' a lot
Onetime show for John Candy
Online merchant
Opportunity maker?
Part four of the brainteaser
Part of a French face
Part three of the brainteaser
Part two of the brainteaser
Peppermint ___
Person who's groundbreaking?
Person with a conical hat, maybe
Popular tablet
Restaurant gofer
Rudy with a megaphone
Russia/Ukraine's Sea of ___
Rust and quartz
Schedule abbr
See 15-Across
Spanish muralist
Start of a brainteaser whose answer appears in order, from top to bottom, in this puzzle's circled squares
Start of many a bumper sticker
Street ___
Subj. of three of the six Nobel Prizes
Suffix with Euclid
They can be batted and rolled
Trifled (with)
W.W. II gen
Wagner heroine
War of 1812 battle site
When tripled, a 1970 war movie
With 37-Down, complete
Woodworker's tool
Zola best seller
Zoological wings
___ sense
___ Tomé

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