Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (December 5th 2018) clues of New York Times crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 74 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Landlocked African country
Workers at forges
Civil rights activist Guinier
Pool members of old
Let off some steam
Wrigley Field's beer boycott goes into effect?
Clay, after 1964
'Don't think so'
Lifesaving, say
___ Millions (multistate lottery)
Comic who said 'If you want to read about love and marriage, you've got to buy two separate books'
Put on
Like Hogwarts courses
Sabbath service site
Put under wraps
Rx info
'Mayor' memoirist
Means of putting down roots?
Early spaceman
Rick's Café Américain employee
Shots from movies
Melee memento, maybe
Element between helium and argon on the periodic table
Shoulder bone
Mich. neighbor
'You can't bring in a crazed antelope, Mr. Glass!'?
Eschew rather than chew?
Sics on
Middle-earth menaces
90° turn
Slave in 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'
Mother isn't straight with actress Vardalos?
Aberdeen resident
Name in a Salinger title
Garr of 'Tootsie'
Ability to effect change
Nerdy sorts
Get perfectly
Stat for which lower is better
Amusement park attractions
One close by a swordsman's side
Guitarist Paul
Suffering caused by reader prejudice?
Ancient land on the Aegean Sea
One may be red
House, as soldiers
Suffix with ideal
Beekeeper of filmdom
One of 12 on a cube
It helps you focus
Title woman in a 1976 Dylan song
Western band
Big Island coffee
Organization honored on October 24 ... and the theme of this puzzle
Jackie Robinson's alma mater
Toning target, for short
Big Three conference site
Part of a full house
'Star Trek' sequel, briefly
Japanese import
Venetian basilica eponym
Breakfast brand
Jazz singer Laine
Volkswagen competitor
Call for help
Polished off
Kia model