Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (February 12th 2006) clues of New York Times crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 138 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

'... so long ___ both shall live'
'Baudolino' author
'Bon ___!'
'Cut it out!'
'Do I need to draw you ___?'
'Er-r …'
'I smell ___!'
'So Big' author Ferber
'Waiting for the Robert ___'
'Way to go!'
'___ Gotta Have It'
'___ heart' ('Be kind')
'___ take arms against a sea of troubles': 'Hamlet'
'___ vincit amor'
50 to two
Accelerate, for short
Accepts oppression no longer
Area with a curved wall
Artist's board nearby?
Bases from which profits are figured
Basilica of San Francesco site
Belief of many Africans
Big Apple park
Bradbury's '___ for Rocket'
Cabaret singer in the style of an old pope?
Canadian Club and others
Cat with tufted ears
Certain canine
Cinemax competitor, for short
Class of planes?
Cold comment
Counting-out starter
Dagwood and Blondie's dog
Do nothing
Enter quietly
Etta of old comics
Exertion aversion
Felt sorry about
Financial mogul Carl
First step in addicts' treatment
Flak jacket, e.g.
French connections?
Fuchsia, e.g.
Funny Foxx
Germ jelly
Get well fast
Gives more than a licking?
Golden or teen follower
Half: Prefix
Have a place in the world
Henhouse sounds
High-speed roadway
Iceland is part of it: Abbr.
In chains
In many places
Indian bread
Ingredient in a flip
Isn't naturally
It takes the cake
It's addictive
Kind of room
Kind of school
Knock over
La Scala cheer
Lesser hit locations
Like some exercises
Lion's home, to Hercules
Make merry
Merged coastal access?
Mexican Mrs.
Mil. address
Modern recording option
Moscato d'___ (Italian wine)
Nostalgic person's utterance
Novi Sad resident
One in handcuffs
Part of EGBDF
Pays, as a bill
Philip Seymour Hoffman title role
Plain and simple
Power to control
Prefix with morphic
Princeton Review or Kaplan study
Put in stitches
Quark-plus-antiquark particle
Reason for school cancellation
Reason to lube a tube?
Rubber mania?
See the sights
Setting for many Thomas Hardy novels
Smart guys?
Social sort
Sound before 'Your fly's open'
Spanish flower
Speaker of the line 'Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi; you're my only hope'
Square things
Standard of living?
Staple of Italian cuisine
Stomach and intestine, e.g.
Surgeons' sites, briefly
Tape, for short
Test group?
They're easy to park
Time of operation
Time out?
Tool along
Top knot?
Unfair treatment
Victory: Ger.
View from the Gulf of Catania
Wall protector
Well off the coast
Why the convent's head couldn't find information on the nun?
Winter melon
Word said with a tip o' the hat
___ Foods, Fortune 500 company