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'... ___ quit!'
'More than I need to know,' in modern lingo
'___ Nacht' (German carol)
'___ Republic'
Above, to bards
Arena where 37-Downs were used: Abbr.
Aspiring atty.'s exam
Base coat
Big lug
Boarding pass datum
Bonny one
Brand of clothing or energy drink
Burgers on the hoof
CD burners
Chart shape
Checks out thoroughly
Component of bronze
Construction girder
Dissed verbally
Even chance
Fruits de ___ (menu heading)
Games org.
Grafton's '___ for Alibi'
Indian encountered by Columbus
Is nuts for
It may need boosting
John's ode to Yoko
Like a towelette
Littlest sucker
Make a father of
Makes evolutionary changes
Meal on a blanket
Mex. miss
Michelin offering
Muhammad's pugilistic daughter
My ___, Vietnam
Oklahoma tribe
Old spy org.
One with the inside track at the track?
ORD or LAX figs.
Party servers
Philosopher Lao-___
Place for a thimble
Prenatal test, for short
Pro-___ (some tourneys)
Pulitzer Prize entries
Radio no-no
Randomizing device
Ready to serve
Rescue crew, briefly
Resistance units
Ride with runners
Rope fiber
Scene of a fall
Schoolmaster's rod
Singer Vikki
Some jazz
Some ornamental barriers
Sommelier's selection
Spoils, with 'on'
Stand that a speaker might take
Star in Ursa Minor
Summer cooler
Sun. speech
They may be served at the beach
Tiny bit
Turn over
U.S./Mexico border city
W.W. II transport: Abbr.
Web-footed animal
What 21- and 52-Across and 3- and 31-Down might be
When tripled, a 1970 war film
Zhivago's love
___ Lingus
___ Zion church

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