Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (February 4th 2018) clues of New York Times crossword.

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Cambodia's Angkor ___
___ intolerance
___ Malfoy, student at Hogwarts
Car rental giant
Carrier to Karachi
___ Walcott, Nobel Prize-winning poet
City NNE of San Antone
Coin toss call
Condition for filmdom's Rain Man
Count ___
Court org
Cover over, in a way
Cry from Homer
Decked out
Designer Geoffrey
Doing a pirouette, say
Doughnut figures
Erin of 'Joanie Loves Chachi'
Euros replaced them
Fifth category of taste with a Japanese name
Finish all at once, in a way
For whom the Lorax speaks
French river or department
Give some lip
Greatly bother
Grp. that puts on a show
Hawke of 'Training Day'
High hairstyle
Hymn starter
Internet home to 'Between Two Ferns'
Patriots' org
It might involve someone being 'so poor' or 'so old'
'Game of Thrones' creature
Its 'reeds are a pain / And the fingering's insane,' per Ogden Nash
Poet Ginsberg
Poet who wrote 'Fortune and love favor the brave'
'Don't be ___!'
Joan who quipped 'A Peeping Tom looked in my window and pulled down the shade'
'Jeez ... lighten up!'
Poison ivy, e.g
Kind of equinox
Puerto ___
Kind of port for a flash drive
'Iglu,' for 'igloo': Abbr
Lacoste and Descartes
Shakespeare character who says 'This above all: to thine own self be true'
'My stars!'
Late '50s singing sensation
Skit show, for short
'My treat!'
Latin for 'womb'
Smoothed in a shop
'Oh, what the hell ... I'll do it'
Lavatory sign
Some body art, for short
'Peter ___ Greatest Hits' (1974 album)
Light bark
Some sneakers
'Pick ___ ...'
Like Mount Narodnaya
'Stop! You're killing me!'
Something carried onstage?
'Pretty please?'
Like some angels and dominoes
Sorkin and Spelling
'Roméo et Juliette' segment
Lipinski and Reid
Stand-up chain started in Los Angeles
'Sounds like a plan!'
'Uh, you've told me quite enough'
Lobster traps
Star of 1976's Oscar winner for Best Picture
'___, amigo'
Locks up
Start limping
52-story Boston skyscraper, familiarly
Log-in needs
Suffix with speed
A person skilled at deadpan has one
Made an appeal
Things taken by government officials
Actor Jason
Maid's armful
To this day, Marie Curie's are still radioactive
Advert's ending?
Airport that J.F.K. dedicated in 1963
Meadow call
Anthony Hopkins's 'Thor' role
Tugboat sounds
Med. professionals who take a pledge named for Florence Nightingale
Around the time of birth
TV blocking device
Mine transport
Bad state to be in
Modern party summons
Be grandiloquent
Monsieur's mate
Unimpressed response to someone's one-liner
More than willing
Verbally assail
Big engine additive
Wall St. bigwigs
Nail salon employees, at times
What '4' may stand for
Brass instrument with a mellow sound
Night vision?
What makes you you?
Brings a smile to
Noteworthy times
Where Michael Jordan played coll. ball
Broadway's Hagen
Novo-Ogaryovo is the official one of the Russian president
Y or N, maybe
One of many scattered in a honeymoon suite, maybe
Zugspitze, e.g
One on the left?: Abbr
Org. that offers Precheck enrollment
___ fly